13 Nightmares

“Horror is best written in the dark.”

Thus the byline for 13 Nightmares. Thirteen tales of original terror I penned in the dead of the night with only the glow of my computer for light. The collection of short stories runs the gamut of horror. Within its pages you’ll find a slasher clown, a church painted blood red, a little girl locked in a closet, a haunted sex doll, etc. Read them by yourself at night, if you dare. Some of these tales even creep”13 Nightmares, delivers on the chills and thrills scale. A tagline from one of the stories is featured on the back of the book : “Horror is best written in the dark.” McDonald was surely in the deepest bowels of subterranean dark when penning these tales because they will satisfy the most supernaturally starved, macabre munching, horror hound around.”

“The book is fantastic! The author writes that “Horror is best written in the dark.” Well, this book’s horror is best read in the dark, or around a campfire, or under your sheet with a flashlight. Not for the feint of heart! ”

Click on the picture to the left if you want to read “Seesaw” one of the tales from 13 Nightmares.